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Sand Dune Series

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Sea Sky Blue Artistic Gilt Wall Panel

Type: Soft Gilt Board,Hard Gilt Board
Length: 2440mm,2850mm, 3000mm and customized
Width: 600mm,1150mm,1200mm, 1220mm and customized
Thickness: 4mm,6mm,8mm and customized
Features: A Fireproof, Waterproof, Gilded Texture, Easy Construction

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Material Soft Board:MCM (Quartz sand, clay)
Hard Board: Cement,Plant Fiber
Style Golden,Silk,Gorgeous,Sand Dune,Rust Series,Star,Pearlescent 7 Series
Length 2440mm,2850mm, 3000mm and customized
Width 600mm,1150mm,1200mm, 1220mm and customized
Thickness 4mm,6mm,8mm and customized


Exquisite appearance, environmentally friendly materials, high durability, easy installation, fire prevention, anti-fouling, moisture resistance, directly on the wall without additional processing.
Commercial space, bars, KTV, hotels, clubs, restaurants, clothing stores, coffee shops, milk tea stores, trendy play stores, jewelry stores, etc. (Mainly used in indoor and outdoor wall header, background wall, wrapping columns, etc.)


1. Hard material construction:
carpentry board \calcium silicate board bottoming → plate measuring tape cutting → sunny corner treatment → spot gluing → collage on the wall → wood block air nail fixing - level ruler to measure the effect → begonias Angle patching → patching agent to make up the color

2. Soft material construction:
 Two kinds of installation:
① Mastic installation
Putty powder leveling - the use of tile adhesive installation fixed - mastic need to be 5-10 centimeters from the side of the full pavement (if outdoor, the top need to add screws) (mastic brand recommendation: Degao, or big brand mastic) (this effect is the best, not easy after-sales)
② structural adhesive installation
Indoor woodworking board \ calcium silicate board bottoming: structural adhesive from the edge of the 5 centimeters to start gluing, every interval of 5 centimeters dotted gluing.
Outdoor calcium silicate board (cement board) base: Cement should be fully spread 5-10 centimeters away from the edge, with no gaps left in the middle.